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Aikido for kids – 記録 子供

aikido chrzanow dzieciActivities for children are a combination of aikido techniques, play and general development exercises. Techniques without dangerous throws are adapted to the age of participants. Children learn how to fall safely to protect sensitive parts of the body, and how to effectively apply the basic techniques of aikido without causing harm to others. Fun and games are a part of training and are an excellent way for children to discharge surplus energy, but also to develop motor skills such as strength, agility, speed, spatial orientation and coordination. Barefoot exercises on the mat further strengthen bones and muscles of adolescents.

In addition to physical development, aikido training also has educational value. From the beginning, children learn the etiquette of the dojo, where the emphasis is on discipline, maintaining order and respect for others. Practice in pairs perfectly develops interpersonal skills and allows children to meet new friends. Aikido is cool!

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The main intake for the children’s beginner group takes place in the first half of September, but children can join at any time during the year if they are interested. We accept children between the ages of 7 and 13 years – younger samurai have to wait and older ones can join the adult group.

The first class is free, and the decision to sign up a child is taken jointly by the parents and the instructor. We want children to feel comfortable in our dojo.